Monday, January 2, 2012

Groovy BABII!!!!!

I had the pleasure of going to This 'n' That Thrift and Gift Store in Midtown on a Saturday afternoon. And as I expected it was love at first sight. The place is beautifully organized so there will be no frustration shopping there. The lovely ladies that worked there were such a jem, I was grabbing so many treasures at a time and I think the lady seen me being weighed down so she offered to start a dressing room for me. YES!!! More to load!!! I became so inspired shopping there and at my last adventure at FRINGE that I have decided to continue this Thrifty journey and make a point to visit all local vintage shops, thrift stores, and flea market fairs. I have a few little tricks up my sleeves so you just never know what I will do next.......

Do you dare to follow along with me?

I hope so because I would love to meet all you local fashionistas, and take photos of this groovy journey of all the wonderful people I met on the way.

AND before I forget.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I look forward to new adventures, new friendships, and new treasures.

Now on to the good stuff... I found some wonderful pieces at This 'n' That Thrift and Gift Store and one of them was this amazing 70's inspire wrap dress. One thing you will know about me is that I LOVE COLORS!!! I really was in love with the yellow accent that gave it that POP that I always need.

What I love about this wrap dress is that I could change a few key items like throw on some wedge shoes and wear a lighter color Cami and WHALA!!! it's a cute summer outfit.

Be sure to support your local stores
Remember they are the 99%

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