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January 17, 2012

Pieces of LA

I had the pleasure of visiting Los Angeles over the MLK Weekend, I have not been home in over 4 years and the last time was to put  my beloved papa to rest. I left LA that time not really looking forward to coming back, there were a lot of scars and mixed emotions about where I came from. All I've seen was the pain so I tucked LA in my back pocket.

Needless to say, this trip was a tremendous eye opening, rejuvenating, and inspiring visit. I admittedly was flooded with emotions on crossing that LA Coast... LA was were I did a lot of trying to figure out life, I've bumped my head many of times, and withstand the trails that came my way. All of the hardness, the bitterness, the chaos helped mode who I am today.

I took a step back and admired this BIG city, became a kid again and explore places I've never paid attention to before, all these hidden gems that I've overlooked for so many years. I took for granted the beauty LA has because I was so jaded about my hometown. This visit helped me get back to my roots, the beginning... so that I may be able to go forward.. with much more strength and much more PRIDE in where I came from and knowing where I am going.
Thank you LA for breeding such a beautiful mind

These are snap shots of my home
My Pieces of LA

The Streets of Hollywood



So lately I been really intrigued with the art of body painting (and no not the super erotic type) but more so using the body to create an artist point of view. I been so inspired that I am looking forward to creating my own photo shoot with a very talented young lady who happens to be an fantastic artist and someone that lives in Sacramento. I love collaborating with different types of artist to blend many artistik elements and creating something that is unique. I won't be sharing this artist name just yet because I do plain on having a heart to heart with her very soon with an artist interview. But for now lets admire some of the beautiful and breathtaking art that these two artist who I've found to be AMAZING in what they do.

Lawren Alice

Lawren Alice has won the 2011 National Raw Natural Born Artists Visual Artist of the Year

And we can see why

To view more of Lawren work please check her out here:

Natasha Kudashkina

Natasha Kudashkina is a revolutionary award winning painter and visionary. Hailing from Siberia, Natasha has been painting since she was a child and has naturally acquired many of her skills through perseverance and practice. When you see her art you can defiantly tell she she seeing something from a different dimension. Her art is MIND BLOWING!! and inspiring

This piece is a collaboration with Lawren Alice. This is what happens when two great minds come together to make MAGIC!


Check more of Natasha's art here:

Natasha Design

Natasha's Facebook Fan Page

And lastly I leave you with this very breath taking video of Natasha in action. Words can not express how imaginative and fantasy like this film is. ENJOY!!


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