Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Husky Girl Swagg Movement

As a wardrobe stylist, I have had the pleasure of working with some very beautiful models. Many of them do not fit into the typical standards of what society feels a model should look like. Everyday I see beautiful curvy women breaking boundaries, shattering the myths, and showing women of all sizes that beauty is what you hold from within. I am proud to have worked with such remarkable & courageous women who have not let society handicap them from doing what they love to do, and that's to stay fabulous, fit, and fashionable at whatever size they came in.

One lovely model/entrepreneur who has step over adversity and has such immaculate strength to push through even the toughest trails is living and breathing the life that she has always knew was right for her. Her name is Octavia Mims and she is the Founder and CEO of Husky Girl Swagg a movement that is empowering all women that are curvy and fabulous. I asked Octavia to answer a few questions about who she is and where she is going in the modeling world in hopes that it will inspire you to look at yourself and know that no matter what you are beautiful and you are worth millions!!!

NK: Who is Octavia Mims & how many hats does she wear?
OM: Octavia Mims is a hard working dreamer that's full of ambitions and ideas for herself, she is a  fun loving motivational speaker, and comedian (in my own mind I'm funny,lol)
-Sterile Technician
-Businesswoman in training
*****these are just a few of my hats********

NK: What is Husky Girl Swag, and what made you start HGS?
HuskyGirlSwagg is an attitude, it's a mantra, it's that empowering chant for a plus size model at the audition full of size 6's
- I started HGS for the women that are stuck in the middle of the sizes (the 12-16 and the supporters that are not in this weight class but love our shape) cuz I feel like there is a very thin line when it comes to "thick" and I feel like that word is I started "Husky"

NK: What are your goals in the Plus Size Modeling world?
OM: To be someone worth working with a person that is known as "reliable, hard working, and fierce"

NK: When did you begin modeling, and why?
I started almost 2yrs ago after a battle with Wegeners Granlulomatosis I decided to take a different direction for the celebration of my life to let people know I was here.

NK: Any advice for those that are trying to enter the Plus Size Modeling world?
OM: Thick skin !! you gotta have it

NK: Anything that you don’t like about how Plus Size models are treated, and wish will change?
OM: Yeah, you go to a mixer and you see the photographers gravitate towards the smaller models or your plus size so your instantly approached for "fetish" work ....I just wish people would see that plus size models have greatness to offer we just need one shot to show it.

NK: Current favorite trend and what is your usual fashion style?
OM: The worst thing you could do to yourself is wear ill fitting appreal just because of a trend...but I personally love relaxed fit v-necks paired with skinny jeans and a cute shoe.

NK: What are some of your current projects with HGS?
OM: I am currently gettin ready to feature each of my models and looking into new shirt ideas and boy shorts !! yay !!

NK: Any other projects you are doing that you will like to share?
OM: I have tons of shoots planned but you just gotta wait and see (hard, I know ) but I am mainly focused on behind the scene work and family time at the moment.

NK: Where can people find you? (facebook, website, twitter etc.)
OM: Husky Girl Swagg 
Facebook:  Octavia-Mims Fan Page
Twitter: @TavyBaby

NK: Any last thoughts?
OM: ..............Buy a shirt,lol no seriously go get one!

I have my HGS T-Shirt!!!

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