Friday, March 30, 2012

A little Sunshine in the rain (outfit post)

Wasn't really going any where special today but I kinda felt like I needed a little sunshine in my life. With the gloomy weather and all, and a sudden stall in projects I knew I had to do something to cure my boredom and WHALA Today's outfit post emerged.

Today's outfit is brought to you by

The color palette is to die for!!! I am in love with mustard yellow and see it pretty often.
Top - Forever 21
Cardigan - Vera Wang
Scarf- ??

I do though need help with my bottom half, I tend to play it safe and always go for black or some other darker color. Do you ladies have any suggestions on how I can play with colors for my bottom half?
Please do tell me in the comment area below, I'll love to get some advice from you lovely fashionistas out there!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Fashion Collaboration

Julie Vue, Myself, Mor Vue.
The sister due of Belle Vue Contemporary Boutique

LADIES!! Sacramento has a new boutique in town (and it won't break the bank). Bella VUE Contemporary Boutique and FOB Fashion made a fashion collaboration to debut FOB's latest spring collection and Bella VUE's contemporary line. A collusion that was so great to see because in fashion it is quiet often about one's self. But it was refreshing to be among people that were truly interested in one common denominator "fashion itself". We played dress up, we laughed, we indulged in treats by Lips 2 Hips Bakery. It was what fashion is all about....


FOB Fashion is a locally produced clothing line that consist of tops, dresses, club wear, and evening wear. FOB is edgy, fashion forward, and fun. I was very lucky to be introduced to the designer behind FOB Fashion, Huab Vue Fief (Belle VUE, Huab Vue... I know match made in heaven). Huab has such an amazing personality very bubble, genuine, and spunky. When speaking about her line you can hear the passion, and even if Fresno is not known for edgy fashion this designer is a force to be recked with and proving that fashion comes in all shapes and sizes... and towns.