Music House

 Hey Everyone, it is the super musical, mackosaurus, dino smash Yoshii!! Now  I know all of you love music. I mean there are so many types out there, that it would be very hard NOT to like music. Music can relax you, help you get out feelings, and put you in a very happy mood. Now, this weeks musical artist theme is “Out of the Box” I decided to pick an artist who is beyond creative and unique. This artist isn't just talented, she is very original. That artist is NICKI MINAJ!!!!!

Nicki Minaj ( Onika Tanya Maraj), was born December 8th, 1982 in Trinidad and Tobago. At age 5 Minaj and her mother picked up and moved to Queens, New York. Minaj attended Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School 210, and she graduated from LaGuardia High School.
Minaj released her first album in 2007 and she has been hot ever since. With unique songs such as; Roman's Revenge, Your Love, Right Thru Me, and Super Bass, Minaj has taken over the music game and painted it pink! Minaj is currently signed with Young Money Entertainment.
One thing that really defines Minaj as being “Out of the Box” are her alter egos. Minaj is known for having very creative and artistic alter egos. Them being Cookie (her first ever alter ego), Harajuku Barbie, and then Nicki Minaj. There is also Roman Zolanski, and Martha Zolanksi (Roman's Mother), and lastly Nicki Teresa. This is the cherry on the Minaj “Out of the Box” cake. She is truly a memorable character. Keep coloring the world pink Nicki M. you are truly a great artist.