Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pieces of LA (what I wore)

If you haven't check out my dedication post over at The Artist Corner please do so NOW!!! Its a more personal post and a chance for all my readers to get to know me as a person.

I went exploring in my hometown, revisiting some of my favorite places and finding new ones on the way. I was able to create new memories with old friends in new places, and stand with Pride as I zipped though all the LA city limits. LA energy is like no other, and before I departed I made sure that I left with all that live contagious energy (because boy will I need
Next month I am proud to say I will be visiting again....

I tool my new favorite Red Coat (courtesy The Citizen Rosebud) with me to create this nautical look. My new Pin necklace that I've gotten from JewelMint symbolizes where I am going and where I want to succeed. In the fashion industry. Because I was doing mucho walking.. I wanted to stay comfortable with some knee-high boots. Together you have what I call Nautical Relaxed

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