Monday, January 30, 2012

The Art of Fashion Recap

Sacramento's fashion scene has been thriving tremendously over the past several years. We have design schools such as International Academy of Design and Technology, Sac State with there student fashion association (sfa), and our very own Sac Fashion Week that will be taking place in February. It looks to me like Sacramento is building their own fashion Utopia, and I am proud to be apart of a movement that is growing more each year.

 The Art of Fashion Event further proved how saturated the fashion industry is becoming in Sacramento. Besides the fact that it was pouring rain that night, the turn out was great. Many people came out to network, mingle, and to check out new collections from three local designers Electrik Trice, Faatui Toele, and Samuel Parkinson.

Electrik Trice was the first designer, she presented her Romance in Paris Collection. Electrik is a fantastic designer and it is through this collection that you can really see how passionate she is about designing breath taking evening dresses for women of all sizes. Electrik's collection was full of romantic flower details and the colors red, black, and cream. 

This beauty was my favorite! Can you see this dress going down the red carpet?

The detailing of this dress is what really makes this a show stopper

I was extremely happy to see a plus size model being apart of the fashion show. Kudos to Electrik for continuing to be a part of a movement.

I had the pleasure of  interviewing Electrik and got some designer facts, what was her inspiration, and where she sees herself in the fashion industry.

KC: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background?
ET: Well I was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, I have a minor medical background but I am currently pursuing a BA in my true passion (fashion design).

KC: What does fashion mean to you?
ET: Fashion means being able to express your artistic ability through clothing.

KC: How would you define Sacramento's fashion?
ET: I define my city's fashion as mellow. I wish my city would take more risks when it comes to fashion because safe gets old really fast
KC: I would have to agree with that

KC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
ET: I realized I had a niche for fashion design in the 8th grade, but realized I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was sixteen.

KC: What have been some of your accomplishments as a designer?
ET: Some of my accomplishments as a designer was being in the finale showcase at Sacramento Fashion Week 2011 and most recently my Romance in Paris Collection was a huge success. It is by far my most favorite collection.
KC: Who are some of your favorite designers?
ET: Some of my favorite designers are Elie Saab, Tracey Reese, Monique Llulier, Ceasar Galindo, Prabral Gurung,Mara Hoffman, and Givenchy to name a few..
KC: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
ET: My advice for aspiring designers is to use your gift and don't be afraid to learn all you can about your craft it will only be beneficial to you and your brand in the long run.
KC: What do you like best about designing clothes?
ET: What I love best about designing is seeing my vision come to life. When a garment is correctly executed and surpasses all your expectations it is the best gift a designer could ask for.

KC: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

ET: My line exemplifies the sexiness of a woman despite her size. Electrik designs for all and believes curves are beautiful. Electrik is starting a movement by creating trendy, couture, designer, and one of a kind clothing for women that want to look fashionable but can't seem to find that right garment to accommodate their size, or taste.

KC: Who is the person that wears your clothes?
ET: The average woman that wants a one of a kind piece at an affordable price wears my clothing.

KC: What are some of your fashion goals?
ET: Reinforcing my statement about learning all you can about your craft is crucial to your success therefore, I plan to continue my education pursuing a Master's degree abroad.
KC: What was your inspiration for this new collection?
ET: This collection was inspired by Paris. My Collection is called "Romance in Paris". Paris is a very romantic city and I wanted to create sexy yet elegant pieces that embodied what the city had to offer. The collections' story mimics a few eras such as seventies vintage, sixties flare, Victorian era, with a hint of modern. 

KC: What other experience do you have in the fashion industry (stylist, retail, marketing, etc.)?
ET: I have over ten years retail experience, I have fashion show and production experience, photo shoot coordination, and styling experience.

KC: Now where can the readers find you and purchase your garments?
ET:  They can connect with me on Facebook, they can purchase through my online store Here or they can email me at

The next designer up was Samuel Parkinson with KingsTribe with his new Woodsy Scholar collection . "KingsTribe Clothing is a cultured collective contributing toward keeping culture alive and strong. Currently using fashion and design as a medium to communicate with those who share similarities and interests."  KingsTribe is not a newbie when it comes to press Samuel Parkinson has been feature in SN&R, Bay Fashion Mag, 916 Maverick, and the Sacramento Press, and you can find this brands clothes in the downtown plaza at Zuhg Life Store.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New JewelMint Ambassador

I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting! I'm now finally I am officially a JewelMint Ambassador. I am so excited because now I can do trunk shows, be an independent stylist, and most of all help you lovely ladies find amazing pieces that are created by fashion icon Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. The cool thing about JewelMint is that its a monthly jewelry club!! So every month you'll get new pieces to choose from based on your personal style made exclusively to you by Kate and Cher for just $29.99 an item.

How it works:  So JewelMint is basically like an online boutique shopping experience. You take a free personal style quiz (takes literally a minute) then they create an online showroom based on your tastes. AND they always offer FREE shipping and easy returns.
What's even more awesome is that you'll get 50% on your first piece!!!
Enter this Code: Winter146 at checkout to receive your discount.

Being a Host and/or Vendor Opportunities
Now if you want to host a JewelMint party for a group of your friends, or you have vendor opportunities please feel free to email me for more information. I also can offer a free wardrobe styling workshop if you sign up as a member for JewelMint and make your first purchase with your 50% discount. Workshop includes a free closet audit!!! I am also available to do Sip and Shops with retailers and boutique stores.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Husky Girl Swagg Movement

As a wardrobe stylist, I have had the pleasure of working with some very beautiful models. Many of them do not fit into the typical standards of what society feels a model should look like. Everyday I see beautiful curvy women breaking boundaries, shattering the myths, and showing women of all sizes that beauty is what you hold from within. I am proud to have worked with such remarkable & courageous women who have not let society handicap them from doing what they love to do, and that's to stay fabulous, fit, and fashionable at whatever size they came in.

One lovely model/entrepreneur who has step over adversity and has such immaculate strength to push through even the toughest trails is living and breathing the life that she has always knew was right for her. Her name is Octavia Mims and she is the Founder and CEO of Husky Girl Swagg a movement that is empowering all women that are curvy and fabulous. I asked Octavia to answer a few questions about who she is and where she is going in the modeling world in hopes that it will inspire you to look at yourself and know that no matter what you are beautiful and you are worth millions!!!

NK: Who is Octavia Mims & how many hats does she wear?
OM: Octavia Mims is a hard working dreamer that's full of ambitions and ideas for herself, she is a  fun loving motivational speaker, and comedian (in my own mind I'm funny,lol)
-Sterile Technician
-Businesswoman in training
*****these are just a few of my hats********

NK: What is Husky Girl Swag, and what made you start HGS?
HuskyGirlSwagg is an attitude, it's a mantra, it's that empowering chant for a plus size model at the audition full of size 6's
- I started HGS for the women that are stuck in the middle of the sizes (the 12-16 and the supporters that are not in this weight class but love our shape) cuz I feel like there is a very thin line when it comes to "thick" and I feel like that word is I started "Husky"

NK: What are your goals in the Plus Size Modeling world?
OM: To be someone worth working with a person that is known as "reliable, hard working, and fierce"

NK: When did you begin modeling, and why?
I started almost 2yrs ago after a battle with Wegeners Granlulomatosis I decided to take a different direction for the celebration of my life to let people know I was here.

NK: Any advice for those that are trying to enter the Plus Size Modeling world?
OM: Thick skin !! you gotta have it

NK: Anything that you don’t like about how Plus Size models are treated, and wish will change?
OM: Yeah, you go to a mixer and you see the photographers gravitate towards the smaller models or your plus size so your instantly approached for "fetish" work ....I just wish people would see that plus size models have greatness to offer we just need one shot to show it.

NK: Current favorite trend and what is your usual fashion style?
OM: The worst thing you could do to yourself is wear ill fitting appreal just because of a trend...but I personally love relaxed fit v-necks paired with skinny jeans and a cute shoe.

NK: What are some of your current projects with HGS?
OM: I am currently gettin ready to feature each of my models and looking into new shirt ideas and boy shorts !! yay !!

NK: Any other projects you are doing that you will like to share?
OM: I have tons of shoots planned but you just gotta wait and see (hard, I know ) but I am mainly focused on behind the scene work and family time at the moment.

NK: Where can people find you? (facebook, website, twitter etc.)
OM: Husky Girl Swagg 
Facebook:  Octavia-Mims Fan Page
Twitter: @TavyBaby

NK: Any last thoughts?
OM: ..............Buy a shirt,lol no seriously go get one!

I have my HGS T-Shirt!!!

Be part of the movement
Get a shirt

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pink on a Grey Day

A lovely student of International Academy of Design & Technology (fashion major) was spotted wearing this incredible pink and grey sweater that she thrifted from Goodwill. Her Fuchsia pink skirt is from Forever21 and shoes are from DSW.
Thank you for making a rather grey day bright!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Art of Fashion Event

Are you ready Sacramento for this Friday's Fashion Event?!?

Event Junkies to host “ THE ART OF FASHION” Fashion Event
 Event Junkies will join with forces with members &
professionals from the Fashion & Beauty Industry to host an evening that will include :

● A Fashion Industry Mixer (sponsored by
● Live drummer Justin Barnes alongside DJ Danny Mijangos 

 ● Special Performance by RnB/Pop singer TIA FERRERA
Three very talented Up and Coming Designers from Sacramento will be show casing their new collections this Friday Night.
 Designers are:

Eshonna Trice
Designer of
Samuel Parkinson
Head Designer for
Faatui Toele
Designer of
Stop by next week for an even closer look at these designers and their collection, catch more photos here and interviews as I discover what makes these designers extraordinary, and why you should be falling in love with them.
But don't wait!!! Come out this Friday and support your local designers and artist as they support a beautiful cause.
The ART OF FASHION” Fashion Event
9:00pm to 1:30am
Lounge on 20 located at 1050 20th Street Sacramento, CA 95811 (

 on January 20th
This event is expected to net an attendance of 200 plus
21 and over event
 with a $10 cover charge.
Proceeds will be given to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the
Greater Sacramento Area that provides mentoring and support to local youth.

Pieces of LA (what I wore)

If you haven't check out my dedication post over at The Artist Corner please do so NOW!!! Its a more personal post and a chance for all my readers to get to know me as a person.

I went exploring in my hometown, revisiting some of my favorite places and finding new ones on the way. I was able to create new memories with old friends in new places, and stand with Pride as I zipped though all the LA city limits. LA energy is like no other, and before I departed I made sure that I left with all that live contagious energy (because boy will I need
Next month I am proud to say I will be visiting again....

I tool my new favorite Red Coat (courtesy The Citizen Rosebud) with me to create this nautical look. My new Pin necklace that I've gotten from JewelMint symbolizes where I am going and where I want to succeed. In the fashion industry. Because I was doing mucho walking.. I wanted to stay comfortable with some knee-high boots. Together you have what I call Nautical Relaxed

Monday, January 2, 2012

Groovy BABII!!!!!

I had the pleasure of going to This 'n' That Thrift and Gift Store in Midtown on a Saturday afternoon. And as I expected it was love at first sight. The place is beautifully organized so there will be no frustration shopping there. The lovely ladies that worked there were such a jem, I was grabbing so many treasures at a time and I think the lady seen me being weighed down so she offered to start a dressing room for me. YES!!! More to load!!! I became so inspired shopping there and at my last adventure at FRINGE that I have decided to continue this Thrifty journey and make a point to visit all local vintage shops, thrift stores, and flea market fairs. I have a few little tricks up my sleeves so you just never know what I will do next.......

Do you dare to follow along with me?

I hope so because I would love to meet all you local fashionistas, and take photos of this groovy journey of all the wonderful people I met on the way.

AND before I forget.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I look forward to new adventures, new friendships, and new treasures.

Now on to the good stuff... I found some wonderful pieces at This 'n' That Thrift and Gift Store and one of them was this amazing 70's inspire wrap dress. One thing you will know about me is that I LOVE COLORS!!! I really was in love with the yellow accent that gave it that POP that I always need.

What I love about this wrap dress is that I could change a few key items like throw on some wedge shoes and wear a lighter color Cami and WHALA!!! it's a cute summer outfit.

Be sure to support your local stores
Remember they are the 99%

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