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The Art of Fashion Recap

Sacramento's fashion scene has been thriving tremendously over the past several years. We have design schools such as International Academy of Design and Technology, Sac State with there student fashion association (sfa), and our very own Sac Fashion Week that will be taking place in February. It looks to me like Sacramento is building their own fashion Utopia, and I am proud to be apart of a movement that is growing more each year.

 The Art of Fashion Event further proved how saturated the fashion industry is becoming in Sacramento. Besides the fact that it was pouring rain that night, the turn out was great. Many people came out to network, mingle, and to check out new collections from three local designers Electrik Trice, Faatui Toele, and Samuel Parkinson.

Electrik Trice was the first designer, she presented her Romance in Paris Collection. Electrik is a fantastic designer and it is through this collection that you can really see how passionate she is about designing breath taking evening dresses for women of all sizes. Electrik's collection was full of romantic flower details and the colors red, black, and cream. 

This beauty was my favorite! Can you see this dress going down the red carpet?

The detailing of this dress is what really makes this a show stopper

I was extremely happy to see a plus size model being apart of the fashion show. Kudos to Electrik for continuing to be a part of a movement.

I had the pleasure of  interviewing Electrik and got some designer facts, what was her inspiration, and where she sees herself in the fashion industry.

KC: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background?
ET: Well I was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, I have a minor medical background but I am currently pursuing a BA in my true passion (fashion design).

KC: What does fashion mean to you?
ET: Fashion means being able to express your artistic ability through clothing.

KC: How would you define Sacramento's fashion?
ET: I define my city's fashion as mellow. I wish my city would take more risks when it comes to fashion because safe gets old really fast
KC: I would have to agree with that

KC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
ET: I realized I had a niche for fashion design in the 8th grade, but realized I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was sixteen.

KC: What have been some of your accomplishments as a designer?
ET: Some of my accomplishments as a designer was being in the finale showcase at Sacramento Fashion Week 2011 and most recently my Romance in Paris Collection was a huge success. It is by far my most favorite collection.
KC: Who are some of your favorite designers?
ET: Some of my favorite designers are Elie Saab, Tracey Reese, Monique Llulier, Ceasar Galindo, Prabral Gurung,Mara Hoffman, and Givenchy to name a few..
KC: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
ET: My advice for aspiring designers is to use your gift and don't be afraid to learn all you can about your craft it will only be beneficial to you and your brand in the long run.
KC: What do you like best about designing clothes?
ET: What I love best about designing is seeing my vision come to life. When a garment is correctly executed and surpasses all your expectations it is the best gift a designer could ask for.

KC: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

ET: My line exemplifies the sexiness of a woman despite her size. Electrik designs for all and believes curves are beautiful. Electrik is starting a movement by creating trendy, couture, designer, and one of a kind clothing for women that want to look fashionable but can't seem to find that right garment to accommodate their size, or taste.

KC: Who is the person that wears your clothes?
ET: The average woman that wants a one of a kind piece at an affordable price wears my clothing.

KC: What are some of your fashion goals?
ET: Reinforcing my statement about learning all you can about your craft is crucial to your success therefore, I plan to continue my education pursuing a Master's degree abroad.
KC: What was your inspiration for this new collection?
ET: This collection was inspired by Paris. My Collection is called "Romance in Paris". Paris is a very romantic city and I wanted to create sexy yet elegant pieces that embodied what the city had to offer. The collections' story mimics a few eras such as seventies vintage, sixties flare, Victorian era, with a hint of modern. 

KC: What other experience do you have in the fashion industry (stylist, retail, marketing, etc.)?
ET: I have over ten years retail experience, I have fashion show and production experience, photo shoot coordination, and styling experience.

KC: Now where can the readers find you and purchase your garments?
ET:  They can connect with me on Facebook, they can purchase through my online store Here or they can email me at

The next designer up was Samuel Parkinson with KingsTribe with his new Woodsy Scholar collection . "KingsTribe Clothing is a cultured collective contributing toward keeping culture alive and strong. Currently using fashion and design as a medium to communicate with those who share similarities and interests."  KingsTribe is not a newbie when it comes to press Samuel Parkinson has been feature in SN&R, Bay Fashion Mag, 916 Maverick, and the Sacramento Press, and you can find this brands clothes in the downtown plaza at Zuhg Life Store.

The last designer of the evening was Faatui Toele with 2Wee (2 worlds evolving everywhere) presenting his ultra sexy collection Fall in Love, and indeed it is love at first sight. Faatui's models all worked the runway rockin fierce hairdo's and lots of attitude. The runway oozed sexiness with passionate colors of red, black and white, and lots of skin. I have to say that Faatui's Fall in Love Collection was very edgy, trendy, with a touch of couture to make it all truly unique and one of a kind.

All three of these designers come from The International Academy of Design and Technology, the same school that I attend today. Each  one of these designers inspire me with their drive, their dedication, and for continuing to break down boundaries in the Sacramento fashion culture. They are what fuse this city to grow and to evolve to be better and to be the greatest. I can't wait to see what more these three have in story for Sacramento.

Please enjoy this video of live footage and photos of The Art of Fashion
Created by Rox Hart

All Photo and video credit goes to Rox Hart


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